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3 Ways To Start Your Self-Love Path

The path to self love is a journey we all need to embark on. There’s a variety of steps a person can take in order to get to the final destination and here I’ll be talking to you about a few of them. Let’s begin to consider what positive affirmations, journaling, and exercise can do for a person on that path to self love.  

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are verbal messages that can fuel someone’s motivation for improvement in their lives. Some people use positive affirmations for personal growth, personal finances, and sometimes even background noise. People can use Youtube Channels which would provide their listeners with guided positive affirmations which would include Michael Sealey, Great Meditation, and Rising Higher Meditation. Millions of people use positive affirmations to enable a better sense of self-love. Positive self-thinking can provide a pathway for the mind to achieve self-growth.


Releasing any tension or pain can be a very creative process for many people, but I believe one of the best ways to release tension, anger, regret, and any other negative emotion is through writing. For instance, daily journaling can help ease some problems that still linger from yesteryear. It can also help to release any anxiety or endorsement of self negativity that comes throughout the day. In addition, being able to write down your personal thoughts, ideas, and even emotions can be therapeutic. When it comes to writing down my own thoughts and ideas on paper I feel like I’m entering my own world and putting myself in a little bubble, but within this bubble I’m projecting myself in order to bounce back from any negativity.


Body movement as a whole can be very beneficial and therapeutic for a lot of people. When you’re able to move your body more freely and see improvement within yourself through this process, you’re sure to develop more self-confidence, higher self-esteem, and you’ll possibly even eliminate any self-doubt that you had in the beginning. Any form of thoughtful body movement could be an ideal approach. To give you a few examples: boxing, soccer, hockey, high intensity training, or even a simple 10 minute cardio workout using a kettle ball will have positive effects. Using a treadmill and even walking your dog can each make you feel like you accomplished something. 

To summarize, positive affirmations, journaling, and exercise are able to help clear any negative emotions or situations. Through this clarity we could end up with an improved mindset for self growth.  All three of these activities contribute their benefits after a certain amount of time. Overall, long-term efforts towards personal accomplishments can help you surpass your current state. Conscious efforts can guide you towards a better, healthier, and happier life so let’s put our best foot forward.

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