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6 Ways To Redecorate Your Home During This Lockdown

Hi everyone, welcome back to Spotlight Wednesdays, where we talk directly about what is going on in the world of our audience. We’ve been hearing a lot about couples redecorating their homes during quarantine. We’ve all been stuck in the same surroundings for at least 6 months now with limited time outside. Of course we want to change it up! Whether it’s just rearranging your current furniture or completely renovating roof to basement, our article today from Architectural Digest has some good tips for how to do it.

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Bindu Gopal Rao PUBLISHED: APR 17, 2020 | 12:00:08 IST

Don’t let the Coronavirus lockdown dampen your spirits. Use this time to style your home without actually buying new products. By simply rearranging furniture or by adding an element or two, you can make your home look like a brand new space. Our experts tell us how.

Play with the Layout

Pick one room. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as you finish what you started. “Look at the furniture layout. Is there a movable bookshelf/chair/unit that you think would look better at another angle or in another corner? You can repeat this with other spaces. Remember, this is not a rule. Some of your spaces might be just perfect as they are,” says Ankur Ahuja, CEO, Ankur Ahuja-The Luxurious Living. There is no rule that says everything must fit in a grid. You can try this with accent chairs or ottomans; angle it right.

Move around furniture to change their setting and get a new look. Photo courtesy: Inclined Studio (Maulik Patel)/Studio Urban and Beyond

Revamp your Patio

During the lockdown, home gardens and balconies are a place of refuge, now more than ever. If you have one, use this time to spruce it up. Start with scrubbing and replacing old pots. “De-grime patio furniture with warm water and washing liquid. If any furniture needs replacing, consider moving older furniture outside. If the area is covered, you could opt for fluffy floor pillows and add colour with an outdoor rug perhaps. Even the smallest space can look like a garden, like your window sill. Get creative, use the supplies you have at home like planters, vines, and creepers, add fairy lights, or even candles for a whimsical touch,” says Raseel Gujral Ansal, Co-Founder and Creative Director, CASA PARADOX.

The open space in the balcony and patio can be spruced up and used for evening tea sessions. Photo courtesy: Shijo Thomas/Studio Nirvana

Transform Spaces

To break the monotonous lifestyle during quarantine, one can engage in a refreshing home styling hobby. “The dining space, balcony and living room can all be transformed into a workspace to provide vast volume, outdoor views and an interactive ethos. In order to improve the functionality of these spaces, enrich the micro-environment with colour coding of stationery, souvenirs and indoor plants. Reorganising accessories and art renews the perception of spaces. Innovation and exploration of the functionality of existing décor is the need of the hour,” say Pooja Ashley and Arbaysis Ashley, Co-Founders, Ashleys.

By simply reorganising accessories, you can give spaces a new look. Photo courtesy: Ankur Ahuja-The Luxurious Living


This is the most suitable time to focus all your energies on your home. “The simple act of cleaning and decluttering a room can have a significant effect on a user. Keeping objects with sentimental value will also enhance a sense of wellbeing in your home, without adding clutter. But perhaps the most impactful and soothing activity within your space would be to personalise a small space with your loved ones,” says Meena Murthy Kakkar, Design Head and Partner, Envisage.

Integrate Spring Décor

Pastel colours form a cheerful enhancement as spring décor and a subtle background that accentuates the happy vibe. Floral patterns are the best way to showcase spring styling. “Throw in cushions, rugs or any soft furnishing that can be rendered with floral fabrics to welcome spring into your homes. It is also important to add greenery via planters as they bring in a sense of whimsy and life to the indoors, and add to the positivity of the space; something that we need in these stressful times,” says Manisha Hakim, Associate and Head, Interiors, Urbanscape Architects.

coronavirus-home decor-interior design
Create a nature-friendly decor at home. Photo credit: Amazonia by Casa Paradox

Create a Workspace

A specific workspace ensures that you work efficiently from home. No matter how big or small your designated area is make sure there is ample light. “Choose a space that has ample natural light, working from home can get demotivating and gloomy so pick a space that ensures that it has a flow of light. A room with a view of nature works best, making the space a personal sanctuary rather than a place for professional toil. Nothing kills productivity like cramped up spaces. So even if you have a small designated desk, make sure to de-clutter it and focus on ways you can make your space as interesting as possible,” suggests Ansal.

Create a workspace in your home. Photo courtesy: Biju Gopal/Limehouse Design Studio

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