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Dating In The Rain

Come Rain or Shine its Date Night!

Do you have date night no matter the weather forecast? I know that it can be harder during the rainy season for date night. The reason being as it may un-motivate you to go out in the cold, your depression may set in, but it can also lead to you and your significant other getting antsy being stuck inside together. However, don’t let the rain discourage you because there are always other alternative activities that can be great for the two of you. You and your significant other may even have more fun together. So cheers to a rainy date night, with something new and fun to do together!

Ideas and Activities to Do

Stuck inside because of the rain and you’re not sure what to do for date night?

  1. Channel your inner child- Remember being a child when everything could be fun and exciting? Especially when it rained? You can do this all over again present-day, Glamour Magazine has all the details, “Playing at an arcade or visiting a roller skating rink (so retro!) is a much more fun indoor activity than sulking” (Kaufman 1). Yes! By channeling your inner child, quite similarly to Tom Hanks character from the movie Big, you’re both in for a fun time.
  2. A Blast from the Past!- If you’re warm and cozy at home with your significant other, and you really want to know who they were at probably the most awkward years of their life, then, “Go through each other’s high school yearbooks and crack up at your mutually regrettably haircut decisions” (Kaufman 1). A blast to the past filled with laughter and camaraderie is just what both of you need to get closer.
  3. Movie Marathon Night (or Day)- The best way to spend a rainy day is on the couch, with a blanket, popcorn, and a beloved movie. You can go from this decade’s worth of poignant films such as La La Land and The Notebook to heartfelt classics such as Sleepless in Seattle. All great films whose plotline is centered around L-O-V-E.
  4. On to the Mall!  If the two of you are bored and wanna get out of the house but want to stay dry, what better way than going to the mall, “Window shopping, people watching AND food courts? Truly, there is nothing not to love to love about hitting the mall” (Hanrahan 1). The mall has so much to offer, from the movie theater, playing games at Dave and Busters to playing the game of guessing what strangers’ lives are like. The mall truly has it all for an afternoon of enjoyment.
  5.  SPA Time! Now, there is some self-care you can do together, whether it’s at home or booking an appointment at a spa, “Either way a self-care day holed up in your apartment will leave you feeling all sorts of rejuvenated” (Hanrahan 1). And what better way to have a spa day at home than with the fresh smell of rain outside?
  6.  Karaoke Nightttttt- You know you love to sing along with the radio, so why not make a fun and funny night of it with your significant other? “Kelly Clarkson Jams + a heavy pour of tequila = instant therapy” (Hanrahan 1). What better way to spend an evening together than belt out the words to your favorite songs? And the night will surely end in a giggle fest.
  7.  In the World of Literature- The last fun activity for a rainy day is to immerse yourself in a fictional world with your significant other. That can include some of your favorite books, “introduce your partner to your favorite childhood book by reading it to one another or pick a new title you’ve both wanted to check out and trade-off reading chapters aloud” (Schumer 1). This reading activity calls for childhood classics with princesses, villains, heroes, and dragons, to your reading new (possible) favorite books to fall in love with together.

It’s all Possible

Rainfall on date night has a silver lining. It can still go on as planned but just a little differently with activities and ideas that fit around the dreary weather. Even though it’s harder to plan you both can still make the best of it! With imagination and enjoyment within you, you surely ought to have a good time together. A time that you’ll always treasure in your heart.  

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