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Getting Back Into The Dating World During A Pandemic

Last year COVID-19 hit the pause button for everyone around the world, especially singles. Upon entering this year the dreaded pandemic still loomed but it has been getting much safer for bachelors and bachelorettes to get back into the market for mingling. Here is a short list of ways to help you return to the world of interacting and connecting with fellow singles, all while staying safe in the process:

1. Dating apps

2. Volunteering

3. Signing up for classes that interest you

Dating Apps

Instead of being in a crowded space, like one with strangers at a bar, try creating an account for a few dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble or Hinge. Their services are free and available in the app store on your smartphone. All three of these apps provide a profile platform for you to create for yourself. There is also the opportunity to look through, and find, potential partners near you. Even though these apps are similar they are still unique in their own way. 

Tinder: Extremely easy to use app that allows the user to either swipe right if they are interested or, left if they are not. The profiles are very basic, just a few pictures and a short bio. If someone likes your profile and you like them back then bingo, it’s a match!

Bumble: Uses the same swiping system as tinder, as well as a similar profile set up. The most unique feature is the fact that women are the ones in charge of sending the very first message, which places them in control of starting the conversation.

Hinge: Is more on the serious side of things when it comes to the world of dating apps. It provides mini profiles for yourself, and other users, which displays more than pictures. The user can put funny quotes, their likes, dislikes, fun facts about themselves, religious beliefs, and so on. All the things that can be found on a person’s profile can be considered an element. “If you find one you like, you can ‘heart’ that element and a message bar will pop out where you can say something about that in specific.” Press send and the person will receive that inbound interest. They can then decide whether they want to connect and start chatting with you.”

Once you have matched and messaged a potential partner, then it’s time to mask up and meet up! Just make sure to meet in open spaces, bring your own hand sanitizer and stay six feet apart. 


Volunteering lends a hand to those who are less fortunate and helps with worthwhile causes. It benefits communities and provides opportunities to meet like minded people in your area as well. A recent survey stated that, “more than 80 percent of those who have volunteered in the past year would be more willing to date a person they met volunteering than through an online dating site.” In other words, people feel more comfortable going out on dates with people who are in their circle of life, i.e., fellow volunteers. 

Here is a list of some great pandemic friendly routes for volunteering– 

1. Beach cleanup


4.  Habitat for Humanity

5.  Food pantries

6.  Animal rescue centers

7.  Park cleanup/preservation efforts


Signing up for a class that piques your interest is another great way to meet that special someone during the pandemic. By signing up for a class, it not only opens the doorway to meeting new people but people who share the same interests as you. Common interests create faster and closer bonds rather than having little to no commonality. 

Here are a few popular suggestions for classes:

  1. Cooking 
  2. Pottery
  3. Spinning 
  4. Yoga
  5. Book club
  6. Running
  7. Painting
  8. Gardening
  9. Salsa

Signing up for a fitness class at your gym could be the key to finding your potential partner, or perhaps taking that art class that has been posted up in your local coffee shop. Salsa classes invite a flare for dare, allowing free expression through movement and flow plus who knows, maybe you’ll work up some chemistry along with that sweat. Gardening and pottery put your hands to work and your mind at ease, allowing that creativity to flow and maybe a chat with someone in your row. Book clubs are my favorite as they invite friendly banter, flirting and possibly exchanging of numbers. Potential partners are just waiting to be found, it’s up to you to put your best and safest foot out into the dating world to welcome them in. 

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