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Long-Distance Movie Night

With most areas lacking movie theaters, going on a movie night date in 2021 is going to be difficult.  Some areas have Drive-In Theaters, but if you’re unable to meet up in person to drive over, you’re going to need some options.

Streaming Movies/Shows

If you use Netflix you may have heard about Netflix Party, an app that allows one person with a Netflix account to host a show or movie so that others may watch it with them online.  They changed their name to Teleparty, but are keeping the website.  This really confused me at first, but I eventually figured out it’s because it’s not just for Netflix anymore.  HBO, Hulu, and Disney+ now can all work with Teleparty, hence the new name.  It also only used to work on Google Chrome, but now also works with Microsoft Edge as well.

Teleparty acts as a separate App from those listed above, so you and your friends can all download it and use it for multiple streaming services.  One of you will host the movie/show through the App and then send a link for the other person to join you in their version of the App.  It is important to keep in mind that there is a chance of delays due to the App or internet.  Forgetting this can get annoying if you’re one to talk about what’s happening like I do.

Watching DVDs 

My fiancé and I both collect DVDs and old movies, some that can’t be found in streaming services.  If we want to watch a movie too old or obscure for streaming services, we use Apps like Discord or Zoom.  

I prefer Discord solely due to me having more experience using it.  For Discord, I use specific channels for each group of people I want to interact with, so one for video games and another for movies.  When you join a voice channel, you have the option to share your screen.  So just play your DVD, and you and your partner can watch it together in separate houses!  Just like with Teleparty, keep delay in mind when watching together.  

I’m hoping this will help you with your next movie night.  Now you just got to decide what to watch!

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