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Self-Care Is Different For Everyone

Self-care is different for everyone. Some of us need to focus on the physical elements of self-care. Others need to work on the mental health aspect.Then there are those who need to have a combination of both to feel refreshed and centered. I have put together a list of self-care elements. Take them into consideration as you read along.

For Mental Self-Care

  • Clean out a junk draw or a closet
  • Take action. Make one small step towards something you’ve been avoiding
  • Try a new activity
  • Drive to a new place
  • Immerse yourself in a crossword puzzle
  • Do a word search
  • Read something on a topic you wouldn’t normally read
  • Write your feelings down
  • Cry when you need to
  • Practice self-compassion 

I believe that when it comes to the mental health side of self-care some people tend to make it seem as though it is oddly difficult. Others might oversimplify things by saying that taking a bath and calling it a day could do the trick, but in reality more needs to be done. There are small steps and habits that can be formed and used to refresh yourself no matter how big or small (no matter how big or small what is? The method for self care or the issue being combated). Practicing small doses of care towards yourself helps to relieve stress and bring clarity into the day and mind. 

Physical Self-Care

  • Yoga
  • Go for a walk or run
  • Dance
  • Stretch
  • Bike ride
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Take naps when needed.
  • Go on a covid friendly lunch date with a good friend
  • Call or facetime a friend 
  • Garden
  • Watch a movie
  • Make an arts & craft project
  • Journal 

Self-care and self-check-ups for yourself will always vary depending on what you need but, with that comes the opportunity to change up methods. Personally, I enjoy journaling and working out, one satisfies my mental health and the other my physical. I also do like to switch it up from time to time, just to keep life exciting. And the best part about it is that you can pick and choose what works best for you, if working out wasn’t that great you can try dancing for a few minutes or if like gardening over writing everything that you choose. By trying different things you will be able to see which ones are more practical, helpful, and beneficial for you. What works for others might not work for your situation and that’s okay because in the end, self-care is different for everybody  as we all have different needs to be met.

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