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Silly Fights Every Couple Has Had At Least Once

Hi everyone, welcome back to Couple Talk Tuesday! Every couple has fights– it’s totally normal to have arguments every now and then. Today we have a light article for you about the silly arguments that every couple has. Hopefully, as you read, you’ll be able to easily relate to other couples and it’ll show you that these problems are so much smaller than they can seem.

-Amanda, Social Media Coordinator,

It all seems so INTENSE in the moment.


You and your partner love each other, but sometimes you drive each other insane. One day you’re going to the mat over proper dishwasher protocol, the next minute you’re hugging it out … and then you’re right back to wondering why he has to adjust the thermostat every single time he walks by (like, he knows you’re just going to fix it afterward). All of this to say, you’ll so relate to everything on this list!

1 The many nuances of toothpaste usage

He squeezes it from the bottom. You just want him to remember the cap afterward. One solution happy couples use: buy two tubes.

2 Whether or not to read directions

Guys get the flack for doing this, but come on, there have been times when you thought you were a pro, and the results were not pretty. For your kid’s sake (it’s always a kid’s toy), you should probably give the directions a read first.

3 The thermostat

Why are you wearing a sweater in the middle of summer? Oh, that’s right, because you’re living in an igloo. Any hotter than 70 degrees and he complains he’s so sweaty.

4 Checking phones at dinner

Whether it’s to snap a photo of your delicious, home-cooked meal for Instagram or to respond to a text from your sister, you have a hard time keeping your hands unoccupied. And he just keeps giving you “the look” at dinner.

5 Leaving soaked sponges in the sink

Just gross. You can barely bring yourself to wring the dirty water out of it when you’re on dish duty. 

6 Shoe storage

There’s a mat by the door for a reason! It’s like he chooses not to listen when you remind him in your sweet “please do this” voice. 

7 Television volume

“Didn’t know you invited Grandpa over tonight!” Yea, yea, yea…  but sometimes you have to multi-task and you don’t want to miss anything! 

8 The right way to react when you vent

He wants to solve your problem, but you just want him to l-i-s-t-e-n. You know he has good intentions, but you actually know how to fix it — you just want him to understand how frustrating it is in the first place! 

9 Netflix cheating

You both got into a binge-worthy show together. Problem? You had some extra time one night, he wasn’t home and you couldn’t resist finding out what happens next. Remember: The truth always comes out eventually. 

10 Public walking speed

Hello! I’m back here, still! What he sees as walking at a normal clip, you see as trying to win some unspoken foot race. And then there’s the poor 3-year-old, who’s somewhere in between. 

11. Rags vs. paper towels

Paper towels: wipe it up and throw it away. It’s out of your life for good. Rags are more economical and environmentally friendly, but you have to wash them. 

12 The better college team — and who’s the bigger fan

Of course, you are. You went to every football game back in your college glory days. But his team is winning big this year, and he has that tattoo…

13 Leftovers

Finishing one’s leftovers without asking is a terrible offense, especially if it’s a habit. Think about his devastation when he gets excited for lunch one day and: nothing. 

14 Leaving clutter (especially socks) all over the house

It’s especially annoying if they’re still damp from his sweaty body. The hamper isn’t that hard to get to, right?

15 Posting less-than-perfect photos

Your kids look cute (as they always do), but you look like a wreck. Where’s his humanity?

16 Where to spend the holidays

Should you go to your mom’s house, where you two celebrated last year? Or at his parents’ place, which requires toting the kids a couple hours away? It’s never a fun debate, and neither of you look forward to it. 

17 Leaving hairs in the sink or shower

Pro tip: Turn on the water and rinse it down. It’s like he wants you to know he shaved so he can collect a prize.

18 Eating ice cream in a bowl vs. the container

When you go spoon-to-spoon to share a pint, you love to pick out all the cookie dough pieces, leaving him with the plain ice cream. Or when he eats ice cream alone, he eats the outer edges only. The next time you open it, there’s a giant mountain in there.

19 Time spent on the golf course

He’s not Jordan Spieth. He is not practicing for the Master’s. Your new revenge strategy is to cultivate a non-negotiable hobby that eats up five to six hours in the morning every weekend.

20 Falling asleep on the couch

You were so peaceful, why did he have to wake you up? It’s like poking a bear.

21 Answering emails late at night

There are only so many hours in a day, and you know you both need some QT together. But if you wake up to a full inbox again, it will abso-freaking-lutely ruin your day.

22 One person’s alarm while the other is sleeping

He likes to wake up nice and easy, while you need the troops to rouse you out of bed. And let’s not even get started about how many times you press snooze.

23 Water glass ghosts

Are you really going to come back and drink those last three sips out of that glass? No, you’re going to forget about it and grab a new, clean glass. So just put it in the sink! 

24 Leaving pee in the toilet

It’s not the grossest thing you’ve ever seen (thanks, kids!), yet you still don’t want to see a yellow bowl when you go to use the bathroom. But he thinks it’s “water conservation.” True, but ugh. 

25 Leaving wet towels on the bed

The sheets are sheets damp now, and the towel smells musty from being balled upon the bed. Oops.

26 The “right” way to drive

He wants you to switch lanes, you think he should brake faster. Then, there’s how to get there. 

27 Leaving closet and cabinet doors wide open

You might need to get something out of there later, so why bother closing it? 

28 The correct way to load the dishwasher

You like to throw the silverware in face down, he wants them face up. You like to rinse the plates, he’s like, “why bother?” Whoever unloads it next is not going to be happy.

29 What time to go to bed

Should you go up together like those nice couples in the movies do? Or should the night owl get to stay up? Neither of you agrees.

30 The number of lights that should be on at night

He likes to keep a single light on in the room he’s occupying. You’d like the entire house to be illuminated until you go to bed. Regardless, someone is always turning lights on and off to make a point.

31 Whether food scraps should go in the garbage disposal or the trash.

This probably goes back to how you were raised. Unfortunately, it’s something both of you do at least once a day, giving you both plenty of opportunities to make passive aggressive comments.

32 Toilet paper dispensed from the top or bottom

It’s a question that can divide even the strongest couples. (Just kidding! Almost.) It’s better to come to an agreement now, otherwise one of you will always leave the bathroom angry.

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