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Summer Trends To Look Out For

As the summer season nears, out goes all the sweaters and sweatpants, and in comes all the shorts and tank tops. But what if you want to dress up your everyday shorts and tank for some more trendy fashion clothing but don’t know where to start? Or what about wanting to cook more and have fun and easy recipes to try out for yourself or the family, or even fun activities to do in general for this summer? Well look no further because here is a list of some of the trendy new clothing looks, summer recipes, and activities that will spice your summer up a bit more.

Firstly is a look at some of the in style fabrics and looks that are starting to generate popularity currently:

  • Cropped shirts of any variety 
  • Puffy sleeves 
  • Geometrically cut out tops 
  • Sheer fabric clothing
  • Glitter
  • Wrap-around tops 
  • Pastel 
  • Wide leg pants
  • Netting 

A lot of the clothing and style can be catered to both men and women but this is a brief and general take on some of the clothing looks that you’ll be seeing pop up on social media feed. 

In terms of food plenty of trendy dishes such as avocado toast, one-pan pasta dishes, natural cereal made with an assortment of fruits, small lunch box cakes as well as a surplus of homemade coffee drinks. 

In activities for the spring/summer season, the biggest trend has been going on picnics. Picnics are an easy and affordable way to have fun by yourself or with others. You can make it fit anyone’s preferred choice whether that be in snacks or activities. A few other activities include creating your own water park in your backyard, revamping your garden, or even camping in the backyard. There are endless activities for the upcoming summer season all it takes is a little bit of fun and inspiration. 

Check out the full link for more clothing ideas! 

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