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10 Tips On How To Maintain A Relationship And Keep Your Romance Alive

1. Daily Communication

Maintain communication through the day. Calling or texting throughout the day is a way to let your significant other know that you are thinking about them.

A simple text saying Hi or a 3-min phone conversation is all that you need. Stay away from talking about problems or troubleshooting. Just a simple HELLO.

2. Let It GO!

Forgiveness is a hard thing for some, but it is essential in your relationship. Moving forward with proper communication will help maintain the spark. Dedicate time to speak in private without any distractions to discuss your actions, responses, and feelings.

3. Be a Cheerleader

Acknowledging your partner’s accomplishment is a great way to show that you are supportive. It is easy to point out mistakes and be critical, but it is more important to be positive and cheer on the little things.

Celebrating small victories will reassure that you both have the same relationship goals.

4. Make Time for Each Other

While it can be challenging to find time to spend with each other, it is essential to do so. “At the beginning of a relationship, the excitement and anxiety of connecting with a new partner make time together a top priority,” said psychologist Ryan Howes, Ph.D.

Making your partner priority can be difficult but not impossible. Scheduling time for each other will help you stay connected.

5. Intimacy Is NOT Sex

Be intimate with each other through touch, conversation, and gestures. Create a secure connection and nurture healthy and positive time together.

Listen to what your partner is requesting from the relationship and work on those intentions together. “It is an exchange of tender energy between two people who love each other deeply. Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D.

6. Go on Date Nights

A date night offers a chance to get to know each other all over again. Getting to know your partner sets the mood to be more intimate with each other. Leave the day to day management of life behind and enjoy the company of one another.

7. Compliment Each Other

Men and Women like compliments. It is pleasant to hear someone acknowledge your effort to look nice. It is also captivating to hear your partner say that you look beautiful or handsome even if you don’t feel like you look your best.

8. LOL Together

When my husband and I were dating, we went to a ton of comedy shows. Laughing together was something we did all the time. As the years past, with the added stress of children, jobs, and life it was easy to stop laughing and focus on being adults.

Recently we had a change of heart and went back to watching comedy shows together, and we both realized that we genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Laughter has always been a way that we connect.

9. Help Each Other Out

We may not recognize it, but we have chores that we have assigned to each other. In my household, the dishes are typically done by my husband, and I unload the dishwasher. It might be due to our schedule, quite frankly I am not sure, but I know it was not assigned but something that just happened.

Every once in a while when I do the dishes, I find that he is appreciative, and when I open the dishwasher, and it is empty I am overjoyed. Little things like that will help you appreciate each other.

10. Put the Relationship Ahead of Children

Children are the outcome of a relationship and not the reason to get into a relationship. Make your relationship a priority and not all about the children.

Parenting comes in different waves, do not get caught up in a particular tide, with neglecting each other. Yes, you’re a parent and no, romance IS NOT dead!


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