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5 Points That Make Any Relationship Successful

In a relationship, as individuals we sometimes ask for the world. Instead, first focusing on the important things that determine how strong the relationship can be. In this article I will focus on 5 main points that can make any relationship stronger. These points might seem easy as you read through them, but could actually be quite difficult when you put them to work. But, if you work through it together, your relationship will be able to reach a new, healthy and sustained level of unity. 

1) Be together because you deeply admire one another 

Love comes in different forms. But, to keep a healthy relationship each partner must have true admiration for one another. Meaning, that you are there to push your partner to be the best that he/she can be, even during downfalls. One must not be with someone because of the material he/she can give and offer you. That is not love. Honest love is seeing the best and worst in someone and helping each other grow. Honest love is feeling inner happiness and peace by the mere thought of the other person. Saying “I love you,” without acts of love and appreciation can only go so far. The reasons why and how you love the person you’re with, and vise-versa, can determine the success of your relationship. 

2) Communication 

Without communication, it is plain impossible to carry out a successful relationship. How else could you and your partner help better any situation? No one in this world can read minds, which is why communication is key in helping each other understand what we might be going through. Through communication we can express our feelings and thoughts. Communication can not only help save a relationship in difficult times, but can help fortify it in the long-run. As individuals we all have our own thing going on in our head, and sometimes it’s okay to not share every lingering thought… but when it comes down to important parts of your life that can put a toll on you, and therefore; your relationship, it’s important to talk about it with your partner. Communication can be hard for many people, but as soon as you break the difficulty of speaking about your feelings and thoughts; you can finally work at fortifying your relationship and making things better for one another. And, from communication, you might even realize that maybe this isn’t the relationship for you. 

3) Respect

Respecting each other will fortify every other level of your relationship, from communication, to giving each other space, to trusting one another. Without respect, things are bound to go downhill quickly due to lacking trust in one another, fear of speaking up due to the other person criticizing your opinion, thoughts or feelings, etc… More conflicts will arise without the foundation of respect. There must be a balance of respect from all parties involved.  Respect must come from each partner. 

4) Giving each other space 

It is important to give each other space no matter how much you both love being by each other’s side at all times. Space creates a sense of independence and freedom to do something away from your partner. This gives you your own, personal time to reflect and think about anything. This can range from going on a run, going to the salon, going out for drinks with friends, etc… Letting one another go out independently without you by his/her side is important to create a sense of trust. There are times that one might want to go out with friends and do something by him/herself without his/her partner, and that is okay! One might just not know how to express this, so it is important that we give our partner that liberty by expressing that we are okay with them going out without us. Giving each other space also creates a sense of respect and when there is space, there is always a greater want to see and be with each other. 

5) Keeping it Spicy 

No matter how many years into a relationship you’re in, sex is a very important factor. In the beginning of a relationship, sex is usually not a problem. But, as a relationship grows older, sex might start becoming a mere and foreign thought. Sex is one of the key factors for a relationship to be successful. This shouldn’t be just any sex though, but sex that you feel connected to. There are things that we can do to keep the passion alive. Both parties can surprise one another with a romantic dinner, rose petals on the bed, a nice massage, lingerie, spa day, etc… It shouldn’t just be one person surprising their partner all the time; both parties must make an effort to do this every now and then. Also, remember… that foreplay is key for many, in taking sex to a whole new level. Always keep your partner’s needs and wants in mind for the best-shared experience.

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