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Forget “What’s Your Sign?”– Try: “What’s Your Myers Briggs Result?”

Hi everyone, happy Self-Care Saturday! The foundation of caring for yourself is knowing yourself. It’s important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, realize your typical behavior patterns and motivators, analyze how you think about the world, and use all of that information to strategize how you will communicate and relate to others. To encourage this critical analysis of your own personality, this week we are telling you to try the Myers Briggs test. This is a scientifically-based personality test with detailed results breaking down your strengths and weaknesses, your values, the career choices in which you would thrive, your probable parenting style, and your typical thought processes and behaviors in romantic relationships, friendships and the work place.

This test analyzes your personality by categorizing you into 1 of 16 different personality types, based on 4 different characteristics. There are 100 questions about yourself that you agree or disagree with on a scale of 1-7. If you don’t have time for yourself this week at all, feel free to try it with a loved one in the room– sometimes they have insights about your personality that you can’t see.

Breaking down the scoring

Your score will be a combination 5 letters each representing a characteristic. You will get a definitive result, but the test will also tell you your percentage in each category letter, recognizing that you are not 100% one personality trait and 0% another.

I or E: Introverted or Extroverted. This is based on your level of sociability. Do you prefer to take in information via people and things or via ideas and information? Where do you put your attention and gain energy from?

N or S: Intuitive or Sensory. In your environment, do you pay more attention to the information that you receive through your 5 senses or the patterns and possibilities you see in the information you receive? This is all about how you process the scene around you.

F or T: Feeling or Thinking. This one is about how you make decisions. Are you more of a logical decision maker or do you follow your gut and your heart? Do you think more about the objective facts or the personal matters and people involved?

J or P: Judging or Perceiving. Do you like a more structured lifestyle or a more flexible adaptable one? Do you focus more on taking in information or on making decisions about the information given?

A or T: Assertive or Turbulent. This one is about you confidence level in your decisions. Are you more often sure of yourself than not? Do you question yourself? Do you dwell on your regrets?

All of these letters make up a facet of your personality. There is certainly more to explore about you than what this test makes up, but this is definitely a good start to knowing yourself better.

Note: You may notice that the URL to the test that we provided is not the Myers Briggs URL. That is because the link leads to a personality test that is more in-depth than the Myers Briggs, while still working on the same frame. You can learn more about the relationship between them here.

What’s your letter combination? Mine is INFP-T.

-Amanda, Social Media Coordinator,

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