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Headspace: The Best App For Your Meditation Needs

Meditation has been a key factor when it comes to emotional stability during hardships. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that millions of people practice this form of self-improvement on a daily basis. There are millions of ways to meditate, such as a guided meditation that can be either seen or heard. Many of these meditations are available for free or cheap on applications like YouTube, 10% Happier, Calm, and Headspace. 

In my meditation journey, I found the easiest way to get my meditative needs was a mixture of YouTube and Headspace. What Headspace does differently than any other app is that its delicate voice-guided meditations instantly put me in a state of zen and sleepiness. When it comes to meditation, it places you in your own little world and with these guided meditations, it feels like you’re floating on a river and nothing can harm you. On a monthly basis, Headspace can be $13 a month with an inclusion of a 7-day free trial or $70 annually with a two-week trial. In addition, student plans are available for those who are still pursuing higher education.

Meditation strengthens memory, learning, attention, and self-awareness. Meditation can also help calm down your nervous system and, if practiced regularly, it can also increase memory and attention. According to PsychologyToday, new research suggests that meditation provides major benefits for the mind and body and also can change our brains for the better in as little as 11 hours. 

Headspace was the very first meditation application that I tried on my iPhone and it provided me with a seamless experience, even coming from someone that had never tried meditation. As you begin the program, you are provided with an intro class which is guided by Andy Puddicombe, Headspace co-founder. In addition, Headspace offers managing reflection that can mitigate pressure, improve rest, and friends anybody during regular assignments which would incorporate cooking, eating, and driving for the duration of the day.

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