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Here’s To Being A Young And Beautiful You

In this day and age, being beautiful is something women everywhere strive to become. But being young and beautiful seems to be the norm these days. In being young and beautiful, you feel good, which amplifies your time as a single woman. A woman who not only embodies confidence; but has a beauty regime down pat for women everywhere to be inspired to do themselves. Here are some tips and tricks to being both naturally beautiful and younger. For decades society has had its idea of standards with beauty. Magazines and Social Media have ideally put perfect women on a pedestal. One that may be too high to reach for our standards. However, in the long run, we are the ones who need to stay true to ourselves. Moreover, this makes it the perfect time to celebrate just that. Women need to accept who they are inside and out. And to honor the ways of what makes them feel and look young and beautiful.

Beauty Tips

Here below are some tips that will help in keeping your youthful and beautiful self!

  1. Always wear Sunscreen! Apply sunscreen to your face everyday, especially when it sees the sun. For girls over twenty-five this applies to you especially to put it on around your eyes, “eyelid skin (and the under eye area) is the thinnest in the body, so sun damage shows up quickly in this area” (Bakkila 1). If you don’t do this side effects include dilation and blood flow increasing. I ,myself, recently started putting facial sunscreen on everyday, and my skin looks better than ever!
  2. Vitamin C is All You Need! Another way of taking care of your skin in the simplest way is eating fruit! Vitamin C is the best way to keep youthful skin, “stick with bell peppers and strawberries, among others to give you that natural glow” (Bakkila 1). See? You don’t need to stock up on extravagant moisturizers and serums! You can simply hit the farmers market or grocery store for these fruits and you’ll be set and ready for that glowy summer skin!
  3. Less is More: In this new decade, we are beginning to show our natural selves, thanks to Skinimalism, “Skinimalism is all about embracing your natural skin and super minimal-makeup” (Cacciatore 1). What better way than staying true to your naturally beautiful self? Instead of wearing makeup to express to the world who you are, you’re allowing people in to see the real you. 
  4. Think Positively!  We are our thoughts, “Thinking good thoughts and maintaining positive thoughts and intentions will truly make you more beautiful” (Annamarie 1). Exactly! When we’re happier we have a glow on the inside, and a happy heart on the inside. To me, that truly keeps you young and beautiful.  

So much goes into being a woman, especially for one who’s single and is in the pursuit of improving herself. Doing this will enable her to feel good on the inside, and be a much happier person for the future. And if she follows the beauty routine from this blog, she will feel much younger and more beautiful than ever.    

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