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How To Keep Your Love Life Spicy During The Pandemic.

Let’s face it, every couple has gone through a “dry spell” in their sex lives. Perhaps it’s the amount of years that they have been together, or the fact that they are parents or even yet, time consuming jobs. And if those three factors were not enough to halt couple’s love lives, last year’s global pandemic surely added the cherry on top. “A lot of people in quarantine aren’t feeling their best, or feeling as sexy,” Ian Kerner, PhD, a psychotherapist and sex counselor, told Health magazine. “If you’re home all day and you’re not changing out of your pajamas or applying as much self-care or going to the gym, your sexual self-esteem can start to go down. You may stop seeing your partner as sexy too and think of them as just someone familiar.” 

So, what’s the solution to rekindling that fire? For those couples that are married or simply living together, it’s much easier to find fun and COVID-19 friendly activities for the bedroom. Here are a few examples to try out and see what works for you and your partner.

Food Play

The first food item to introduce into your foreplay routine is the classic whip cream. It’s an easy clean up, feels great on your body and allows your partner the opportunity to take their time and tease you by licking it off wherever you desire to place it. The most popular spots to whip it up include the breasts, genitalia, stomach and thighs. 

The next item, chocolate, is a bit on the messier side so make sure that you have a towel nearby. Grab your favorite chocolate from the grocery store, heat that baby up and drizzle the warm liquid over your partner’s body. The temperature from the hot chocolate will increase your partner’s arousal faster and licking it up will speed up yours. 

This particular activity is something that I like to call, “The No Touch Zone.” So, let’s say that you and your partner are cooking dinner together, do it completely naked and don’t touch your partner until the meal is complete. The anticipation from not being allowed to touch, caress or kiss your partner who is prancing around in their birthday suite will shoot your arousal through the roof. 


Amazon has a plethora of fun toys to buy and safely order from the comfort of your couch. Here are a few examples of some great gizmos and gadgets found on Amazon.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Air Pulse Clitoris Stimulator: This handy dandy toy mimics the sensation of a partner giving oral sex. It has “11 settings, it’s pretty quiet, and the user-friendly design makes it perfect for people who aren’t quite sure if they’ll like suction toys. It’s also rechargeable via an included magnetic charging cord, and waterproof for up to 30 minutes submerged in the bath.” 29.95$

Silicone Dual Penis Ring: “This neatly-designed dual penis ring is made of medical-grade soft, stretchy silicone, with one slightly wider ring, and one thinner ring for customizable user sensation.” 9.99$

Colorful Wrist Leather Fluffy Handcuffs: “The bracelet is made of selected high-quality leather and plush, durable and the color is fadeless, easy to wear with the adjustable and detachable chain and not easy to fall off.” 10.99$


Switching up your position routine is a fantastic way to enjoy your partner. When you add changes to your usual routine, it creates an exciting energy that will rev you and your partner’s engines. Below is a list of popular and invigorating moves to add to your sexy time provided by  

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X Marks the Spot

How to do it: While the person with the vulva lays on their back — a table is pretty awesome for this one — they lift their legs up and cross them at the ankles or knees, whatever feels best. With their legs up, their partner with the penis or dildo, while in a standing position, penetrates them, while using the legs of the vulva owner as leverage to pull themselves in deeper. 

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The Lotus

How to do it: Have the partner with the penis or dildo sit with their legs crossed — you know, like you did when you were a kid and it was story time. Next, the person with the vulva lowers themselves into their partner’s lap and onto them, while wrapping their legs and arms around their partner’s body. Then you begin to rock together.

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Advanced Crab Walk

How it works: have both you and your partner get into the crab walk position (yes, the one you probably did in grammar school gym class), then the person with the vulva lowers themselves onto their partner’s penis or dildo. The vulva owner can either lift their hips up or down, or gyrate. 

Now that you have been provided with some novice and spicy tips, get to it! Not only will you and your partner grow closer by experiencing new activities together, but it will rip you both right out of that boring, pandemic rut. 

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