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I Love You, No Matter How Far Away You Are

Here’s to Love No Matter the Distance

No, this isn’t about a hit love song. (I wish). It’s about romantic relationships and how wonderful it is to attain one. There’s a commitment to someone, there’s passion, there’s also a trust that should never be broken. However, it can be harder if they are in a long-distance relationship because they see each other less. And keeping the passion and commitment can be more difficult. If you’re in this situation and you feel that struggling in your long-distance relationship, then, it will be okay and it’ll be worth it. 

How to Keep the Love Alive 

Here is some insight to making sure that your long-distance will work

  1. Plan something fun to do over Facetime or Zoom-  Are you two getting bored by just talking over Facetime or Zoom? Well, then, you can make it more fun, “maybe you can both play UNO online as you video chat with each other, or you can ask your partner for help by buying some new home decor as you chat and browse the web” (Miller & Gomez 1). Another way could be watching a movie or a T.V show on either Netflix or Hulu, since the streaming service lets you share screens.
  2.  Set out some Plans-  When you are in a long-distance relationship, the two of you should sit down together and make a plan about what you both want, “It’s extremely important to set realistic and healthy expectations”(Miller & Gomez 1). Doing this can set the foundation of how many times a day the two of you will communicate. Whether it’s by phone or seeing each other in person. Having a positive expectation for your relationship should thrive and last longer in the long run.
  3. Make them your own Personal Playlist-  Now, we all know every couple has their song. But if you think about it, there’s more love beyond the heart. Especially for multiple songs, you can think of some songs that remind you of your significant other and create your playlist, “Then, once it’s reached a length you’re happy with, send it to them” (Ellis 1). That your significant other will always have you close to their heart, emotionally and musically. 
  4.  Make them Feel Better After a Hard Week- We’ve all had those hard weeks, and all we want is someone to send us a delicious treat to make it feel better, “If you notice your boo seems down, send them a batch of cookies or their favorite bakery treat” (Ellis 1). In doing this, your partner can enjoy something delectable even for a short while to brighten their week. And they can know that you thought of them, and that you’re there through the good and bad times. 
  5. Try Something New Together- To make a change of pace in your relationship, you can try a new hobby together, “Hobbies can challenge you, help pass time in an enjoyable way and promote relaxation” (Raypole 1). Hobbies can also be fun too, because of all the things that  you can try like: painting, exercising, reading a book about historic times, taking up photography, or even gardening. And by doing these hobbies will also make your time together all the worthwhile.

I Promise You…

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is difficult. But I promise you if you do these things listed above together, it’ll be a little less. And the two of you will feel so good about your long-distance relationship it will seem as if you aren’t long-distanced at all. 


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