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The Best Music Streaming For Students

In the midst of the pandemic, many people look for different sorts of entertainment properties to bypass time. For instance, music services, which include YouTube Premium, Apple Music, Spotify, and even Tidal, offer their customers a music server to fulfill their needs, and yet offer a variety of different services within these music services, such as music videos, community interaction, and even podcasts.

Spotify was the very first musical Service app that I used prior to making a lot of friends. I use this music even to this very day to optimize  my musical needs, and yet with me having a passion for music I use a variety of music apps.  In addition, Spotify offers a lot of  payment plans which would include family, military discount, and even student discounts. From the UI to the musical playlist, Spotify has to be up there in popularity with students and other consumers.

TIdal is a music service that is owned by billionaire Jay-Z, and this app provides a sense of black empowerment with the addition of visual and audio representations, which include music from Top chart musicians and even live musical performances. In addition, TIdal, just like Spotify, also has different payment options for people in the military, college students, and even membership plans. But, Tidal also offers a Hi-Fi music subscription which offers current and past customers the experience of listening to music on their phones with the same quality that they would hear in CDs. Hi-Fi  musical listening within music services is becoming popular and even despite the monthly increase for this additional service many consumers enjoy the option as well. 

YouTube Music, recently acquired by Google, offers its customers a variety of entertainment on top of their main site, YouTube. It offers ad-free listening and even a user personalized playlist that is updated weekly based on the likes of the user. To compete with other music streaming services, Youtube has begun combining Youtube Music with Youtube Premium, which offers consumers an ad-free experience with Youtube.

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