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The Importance Of Date Night In Marriage And Tips To Make It Happen

Hi everybody, happy Friday! For this week’s Couple’s Night Out blog post, we decided to highlight why it’s important to talk about and participate in some form of date night. It’s crucial to any relationship to take time out of the hustle of the day to stop and remember why you’re with your partner in the first place, to ground your relationship. This article speaks about the importance of date night and gives some interesting and effective date night ideas.

-Amanda, Social Media Coordinator,

By Tracy Crudup, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

In This Article

The importance of date night occasionally in a marriage cannot be undermined. Many married couples have not been on a date in a long time. They simply forgot to date each other, to flirt with one another, and foster the bond that brought them together in the first place.

They tend to forget the importance of “date night” in a marriage and lack the time to spend in the company of one another.

There are various reasons that inhibit date nights but those reasons should not become more important than the relationship itself. Though you may not have time on a weekly basis to make reservations at a fancy restaurant or see a concert, date night don’t have to be at night, they don’t have the “normal” dates at all.

You have to understand what is the purpose of date night? Obviously, spending quality time in each other’s company and for that you need to understand the importance of date night one in a while in your marriage.

Reasons why date night is important

Why is date night important for marriage? There are several reasons to highlight the importance of date night in a relationship even if the couples are married for long.

1. Building your communication

Date night with your partner allows you to have an unhindered communication between the two of you.

Post marriage, couples are distracted by different responsibilities that leave hardly any spare time for them to sit down and have a decent conversation. But, date nights bring the couples together where they can leave behind the worries and enjoy each other’s company.

2. Rekindle the lost romance

Is dating and courtship important in a relationship? The answer is, ‘Yes, it is!’

Such date nights with your partner serves as a constant reminder of your lost romance and the reasons why you both fell in love in the first place.

You need to remember what life was like before marriage and kids happened. And, with marriage comes added responsibilities and a tremendous amount of stress that piles up each day once you become parents.

Now, stress brings out the worst in everyone. Often, such stress affects the peace and harmony you both once shared. So, dating nights give you that opportunity to forget the stress and try focusing on the good things about your marriage instead of the negative ones.

You need to understand the importance of date night before stress ruins your every chance to a happy, peaceful marriage.

3. Relax and enjoy the feeling of togetherness

Even though you love your kids and enjoy family time together, there are times when you feel you want to sit back and take a complete break from everything.

It is always lovely to take a step back from your responsibilities, household chores, and all the stress that comes with becoming parents, to have fun and relax with your partner.

All you need is a great film, some popcorn and your partner by your side and your romantic date night plan is made.

4. Set an example

Children learn from their parents and emulate them when they grow up.

Frequently planning date nights with your partner sets an excellent example for your kids. Your actions will teach them that relationships are essential. This will help them in the future. They will learn from you and will prioritize their relationships with their partners in the long run.

So, have date nights!

Interesting date night ideas

Since it is already clear why dating is important in a relationship, it is time to understand some of the exciting date night ideas for you and your partner.

Always remember! Thinking outside the box can keep the romance going when children, careers, and various other responsibilities get in the way.

A piece of advice for such couples is first to understand the importance of date night and then try putting their suggestions in a bowl. They can have a weekly drawing, or monthly drawing and make the date night happen. Make it a priority.

Here are some suggestions for the bowl –

  1. Date in the morning. Go for pancakes at a restaurant you have never visited.
  2. Drive one hour out of town and stop at the first restaurant for dessert and ask the waiter what else is there to do in town.
  3. Plan a picnic and visit the nearest state park on a weekday.
  4. Attend a comedy show. With busy lives we forget to laugh.
  5. Visit the farmers market with a recipe in mind to make for dinner.
  6. Reserve a room at a local bed and breakfast and pretend you’re on vacation.
  7. Sign up for a cooking class together.
  8. Play a new couple’s board game; loser must be at the others beck and call for the night.
  9. Schedule a couple’s massage at a local spa.
  10. Visit the local winery and brainstorm ideas to fill up the date night bowl again!

Happy Dating!

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